Martina Obitkova

Three months ago I began to visit BSC Gym in Scarborough and after long hesitation I found the courage to have a talk with personal trainer, Max Jenkins.

After a very nice conversation about my goals, Max recommended to start personal training with him.

The month training included 16 sessions plus the meal plan which Max tailored for me based on my current diet and any allergiesI had. Within the same day, Max had provided me with a full meal plan, which, to my surprise, was very interesting and packed with a variety of meats and vegetables.

Once of my biggest concerns was whether I could fit all 16 sessions around my work, but Max offered a really flexible timetable and adapted to my busy schedule.

Every session was different, very hard, at times painful, each leaving me sweating and bad feelings - I was overall exhausted!

Every session, Max reminded me that I would hate him by the end of it because he was going to keep pushing me harder and harder, but I never lost my temper as I knew everything was for me personally, and he had my interests at heart.

I'd never had a personal trainer before Max, but I now know that signing up with Max was the best thing I've ever done. I still cannot believe the results I have after only one month!

Martina ObitkovaI would recommend Max from BSC in Scarborough to anyone and everyone who wants to be slimmer and feel healthier. Max carries a very professional and positive attitude towards his work.

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