Meal Plans by Body Sculpt

You cannot outrun a bad diet

But don't worry, dieting and getting fit can be easier!

BSC Scarborough covers all aspects of lifestyle change when it comes to getting fitter fast. If your diet is not good enough, no amount of exercise will get you the perfect body that you crave. While quick-fix diets seem to work at first, dropping a few pounds rapidly, scientific studies have proven that not only does the majority of the weight loss from such plans come from lean muscle tissue, not body fat, but most people put the weight back on afterwards.

Are you ready to lose weight and never find it again?

With a meal plan from our qualified nutritionists at BSC Scarborough you will have everything laid out for you when it comes to your nutrition. We never provide any type of cookie-cutter meal plans as your plan with be as individual as you are, with your body and goals in mind.

We provide diet plans suitable for:

  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle gain
  • Toning / Slimming
  • Endurance

Are you looking for a qualified nutritionist to provide you a personalised meal plan? Call BSC Scarborough today: 01723 370 477

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