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Everyone has different goals in the gym. And that’s where our multiple categories of fitness classes come into play, each designed with specific results in mind.

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Meal Plans

Whether you’re looking to gain muscle or lose weight, our meal plans can be catered to your specific requirements.

The ReVamp Project

See massive changes when it comes to your appearance with our ReVamp classes. Unlike a boot camp all of our ReVamp sessions take place indoors and only in small groups. Do you have what it takes?

Your Personal Trainer

At BSC Scarborough you’ll never feel alone on your journey to fitness. Our personal trainers will show you how to do each exercise properly to ensure you get the most out of each movement.


Welcome to the new you

Here at BSC Scarborough you will find everything you need to change your lifestyle and change your body. Whether your goal is to lose weight quickly and safely, or to bulk up and work on your strength, BSC can help.

Our experience, your guidance

With over 25 years of combined experience, the staff at BSC have all the skills needed to ensure you reach your goals. A wide range of state-of-the-art equipment waits for you, set out over 700 square feet and two floors.

Classes for members of all abilities

Variety is the spice of gym life and that’s why we offer various classes suited for members of all abilities. Discover which class will help you get the body of your dreams

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